The FD ETI shares herein demonstrations promoting the advancements of full-duplex communications submitted to or presented at Journals/Conferences/Workshops/Symposium. We encourage researchers or companies to get in contact with us to also list their content on our website.

The FD ETI has a Youtube channel with more demonstrations videos. In case you would like to have your videos on our Youtube channel, please get in contact with us.

COSMOS Tutorial on Open-Access Full-Duplex Wireless

Tutorial and demonstration of a real-time full-duplex wireless link using customized wideband self-interference cancellation hardware circuitry integrated with the software-defined radios. The detailed instructions on the full-duplex tutorial can be found here. More COSMOS tutorials including the presentation slides and videos can be found here.


Full-Duplex Radar

This video shows measurements of cars passing by with the full-duplex radar, including the self-interference cancellation. For further information, please check the publication here.