Datasets and Open-Access Content

As part of our scope, the Full-Duplex ETI aims at facilitating full-duplex communications in the next generation of wireless systems by promoting and engaging the community to develop SI cancellation and mitigation techniques, physical layer and medium access control layer algorithms and radio resource management techniques.

One important aspect is to have a common and reproducible set of data and open-access contents to allow researchers to compare their algorithms. Hence, we provide such materials herein to improve the reproducible research in our community. We encourage researchers to get in contact with us to also list their datasets and open access material in our website.



  • SoftNull Dataset: FD Massive MIMO channel measurements in three environments: anechoic chamber, indoor and outdoor. 

Open-Access Content

  • COSMOS Testbed: 2nd-generation wideband FD radios leveraging the technique of frequency-domain equalization (details here). Open-source example FD experiments are also provided to support research at different network layers (PHY, Link, and above). The COSMOS Full-Duplex Tutorial is freely available and the COSMOS Full-Duplex Open Source Code, with support for GNU Radio 3.7 and 3.8, is freely available as well. For further information, please check the figure and references in the COSMOS webpage.